Curtidos Gracia ANTICCUIR - Fabricantes de piel en Barcelona, venta pieles Barcelona

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Curtidos Gracia

Who are we?

1915: Foundation of Curtidos Gracia.
1960: Specialization in the field of upholstery (leather).
1969: Registration of the trademark ANTIC-CUIR®.
2006: Transfer to a new warehouse of 1450sq.m.


  • Choice: More than 330 colours in permanent stock (leather or fabric).
  • Flexibibility: Minimum order quantity on stock products is half a hide.
  • Rapidity: Orders are dispatched within 24 hours of receipt.
  • Quality: Classifying and control of the hides for a better cutting yield.
  • Bespoke orders available on request: Contact us to find out about the required minimum
    quantity and producing time.
  • Packaging: Tube, box, palet or horse.
  • International: Customer service in English, French, Italian, Spanish or Catalan.